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Use Gifthings to create wishlists for special

occasions and share them with friends and family.


Gifthings is and will bee forever FREE!



 Our most important features:


Thanks to our partners you can search through a database of more than 1.000.000 gifts. There must be something you like!

Draw names

Use Gifthings to determine who needs to buy a gift for who. We even send their existing wishlists so you can have loads of ideas.

Social functionality

Follow lists of friends & family. Make sure they follow yours… The more followers, the more presents you’ll possibly get! 😉

Shopping list

Find your reserved items in one convenient list. Compare prizes, order online and get a ribbon around it. You’re ready! works on every device with access to the internet…

If it’s a desktop PC, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. Gifthings goes with you!

Completely free

Gifthings is and will always be totally free. Want to ‘support’ our app? Buy your gifts using our partnerlinks.

No ads

Pushy advertising and annoying popups. Gifthings says ‘nay’ to that. You’re welcome! #adfree

Shop online

Compare prices and buy your gifts online with our partners. You don’t even have to leave the house.


Gifthings is completely independent and owes nobody a thing. You decide what and where you want to buy it.

Thanks to our partners you can add of items in a blink of the eye:

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logo toysrus

… and loads more.

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“Gifthings is a super convenient app! No more stressful quests for the perfect present. From now on, I buy everything online…”

Kevin P


“Amazing app, without a doubt! Gifthings saved me from handing out ‘wrong’ gifts more than once.”

Sarah M


“My grandchildren convinced met to start using Gifthings and now I can’t imagine holidays without it.  Very easy to use and I always know the perfect gift for their birthdays!”

Stefan V


“Thanks to Gifthings I buy my gifts for the lowest price. Their price comparisons are super handy!”

Anita B